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Dan H

Realisation Artist

What makes me tick?

I’m a restless person and need to be constantly engaged. I’m fortunate that I can work in a world where one week can be completely different to the next. It keeps things interesting. Design allows that, but it’s only a small part of what makes me…me.

Many times, I’m a contradiction to myself. Fiery red head with Manc swagger that enjoys the peace and calm that comes with walking around with my camera listening to tunes on my headphones. I appreciate the chaos of design and ideas before they're refined and perfected to the smallest detail. Attention to detail is key. Away from design, I find solace in the quiet moments of a bike ride, or in the anticipation of a big night out.

I’m guided by the saying, 'Work Hard, Play Harder’... It hasn’t sent me wrong so far, but I’ve been close.

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