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Account Manager

My life mantra is to try new things - never say never! I thrive on being in a creative environment with crazy and inspiring people, learning new and exciting things each day. I’m a marketing girl that found JDO at just the right moment when my passion for packaging and brand design was ignited. I love to laugh, something which we never fail to do at JDO. A positive outlook on life is very important to me, I don’t do well with problem finders as I’ve grown up with a family of problem solvers and life enthusiasts - it’s all I know.

Travel is something I love to do little and often in any way, shape or form I can, usually as city breaks. Festivals are my thing. You can’t beat live music in a field with a humongous crowd and cider in hand (if there’s fancy dress, well that’s just a bonus!). When I’m not raving in a field, I enjoy espresso martinis with friends in one of our many Tunbridge Wells locals. If you tried to spot me in a crowd I’d be the 5ft, red lipstick wearing girl with glasses on and her hands in the air!

All of these qualities I apply to my work - if you don’t enjoy what you do then it’s simply not worth doing. Luckily I have a passion for what I do and love the people I work with every day. Go team!

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