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3D Design Director

What's my passion?


To me, Lego represents the joy inherent in creative exploration. But, whether with Lego blocks, glass, aluminium, plastic or biodegradable paper, design has its challenges. It is this challenge to imagination and intellect that drives me on...just as a child has an endless curiosity, the designer in me will always search for the solution that is elegant, surprising and purposeful.

Talking of Lego, it happens to be from Scandinavia, a place I have always found inspirational. Perhaps it is the way they interlace respect for nature and community with a clear design aesthetic. And the way cyclists are treated as normal, valued members of society (and they return the favour!).

Does anything else make me tick?... family, fairness, the idea that a better society is possible, mind bending science fiction, a few perfect curves, a tactile surface...

Oh, did I mention Lego bricks can also make a pretty good stand in for broken Subbuteo players?

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