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Pristine Water Series


Luxury materials ensure exclusivity for limited edition vodka

The elit™ pristine water series by Stolichnaya® explores the concept of terroir: the idea that a place has the power to influence the flavour profile of a spirit.

For each of the series editions, Stolichnaya master craftsmen scoured the world for the most exquisite water sources from which to craft the ultimate limited edition vodka. For the final edition, the Andean, they trekked to the crystal clear waters of Colico Lake in the La Araucanía region of Chile, to a natural spring flowing from the foothills of the Andes. This water was added to the meticulously crafted Russian Alpha Spirit of elit by Stolichnaya to create the final vodka in this rare series.


  • Client: Stolichnaya
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Global
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

The hand-cut crystal bottle by Glencairn®, one of the world’s leading crystal houses, was designed to refract light and enhance the liquid’s clarity. Every bottle is sealed with a silver medallion overlaid with gold and crowned with a ruby depicting the elit by Stolichnaya flame. The bottle is then nestled in a sustainable Chilean black cherry wood case that’s lined with leather. We took inspiration from the native woods and the metal textile designs of the local Mapuche tribe who attribute their great health to Colico Lake’s pure water.

With only 250 bottles distributed globally, this new, highly limited edition spirit is the ‘Jewel in the Crown’ of a series of unique vodkas of unprecedented perfection and exclusivity.

It’s not often that you get the opportunity to work on such a prestigious brief and with such beautiful materials. We feel that we’ve truly been able to tell the story of this Andean edition elit pristine water series.
Paul Drake, creative director, JDO
The final elit™ pristine water series needed to be the ultimate expression of the elit™ by Stolichnaya® brand and JDO has managed to capture this perfectly with their beautiful and impactful design.
Ilse Wolfe, global brand manager, elit™ by Stolichnaya®

We were privileged to get to work on the final in the elit Prestine Water Series. The water was sourced from a part of the Andes where the Mapuche Tribe had been in existence for centuries. This was our starting point and inspiration. We kept the iconic structure of elit but worked hard to elevate its execution into crystal, we then embellished this dramatic and contemporary form with hand crafting and gorgeous details. One of the most striking elements is the framing of the elit flame, now realised in a translucent red gem stone. The silver amulet carries hand engraved details that capture the spirit of jewellery design. The base of the bottle has been etched with a continuous line that represents thread used by the Tribe as a form of communication in which knots are tied to tell stories. The top of the bottle and distinctive neck has been encapsulated in the same hand beaten silver of the main emulate and the entire package is sealed with a custom metal closure. The presentation case was equally wonderful to work on. We were able to source sustainable material that was typically found in the region and used this to create a dramatic and theatrical method of opening. The case divides down the centre and around the second amulet on the case. The overall presentation has a fantastic feeling of exploration and reward and the magical reveal does justice to the fantastic vodka.

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