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JDO redesign Solo

Juicy couture

The symbol of Norwegian Soda

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has partnered with Carlsberg owned Ringnes, to redesign the Norwegian drinks brand Solo. The orange flavoured soft drink brand is owned by four breweries, of which Ringnes is the largest shareholder. The agency has worked with Ringnes on several recent re-design projects including the Imsdal Aktiv and Farris water brands.

Launched in 1934, Solo was the first national branded soft drink in Norway. Today, Solo is established as the original orange soda based on real fruit juice and a strong focus on great taste. All products contain a minimum of 8% fruit juice - an important competitive advantage in Norway. With a market share of over 50%, Solo is the leader within the orange soft drink sector and the fourth largest soft drink brand in the total market. It is one of Norway’s strongest and most iconic brands, having an especially strong association with the Easter season and a clear link to Norwegian culture and history.

  • Client: Ringnes
  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Norway
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

The introduction of a one-way PET bottle (superseding the returnable plastic and glass bottles) was the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the brand and keep it relevant to its consumer base. JDO was asked to develop the PET structure as part of a bigger brand portfolio review and to rationalise and harmonise the packs to benefit both consumers and the production process. The team was also briefed to develop a unique bottle demonstrating great taste from a classic Norwegian brand.

The resulting design presentation is showcased across unique shaped PET bottles, cans and shrinkwraps and over three flavour variants. JDO has created a strong, identifiable and distinctive ‘ski tip’ marque that can be cropped and yet still be recognized. Orange peel effect embossing reinforces refreshment cues while condensation graphic elements communicate freshness. Bespoke bottle caps are colour coded according to flavour variant.



The new structure pushes the PET format hard to deliver a bottle that both embraces the much loved brand assets of the past whilst also being robust enough to handle the immense pressure of the carbonated product. JDO was able to use its specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between its design vision and the technical challenges of the project.

Paul Drake, JDO creative director said, “We took the best of the past and turned up the volume. Every aspect of the design has been considered to deliver a fresh and dynamic brand with increased modernity and a characterful edge, from the new identity and its lock up with the ski tip through to the bottle structure. We wanted to deliver designs that were filled with character and enjoyment but also retained the necessary gravitas and were worthy of this well known, loved and iconic brand.”



These new packs have united the Solo portfolio of products and will strengthen Solo’s position amongst Norwegian consumers. The design has enhanced the natural and great taste of orange fruit and has a perfect balance between the historic equities of Solo and a new modern look. The new design will be an important asset to strengthen the brand vision; the world’s best soft drink, at least from a Norwegian point of view!
Marianne Høy Erikstad, senior brand manager at Ringnes

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