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New bottle design overcomes the hot fill process


New bottle design overcomes the hot fill process

Launched in 1961, and as fresh and wholesome as Abba, Swedish soft drink Festis had cornered the youth market by offering refreshing and exciting drinks for guys and girls on the go.

However, in recent years the competition had increased significantly and the classic brand was facing challenges in positioning and shelf impact.

  • Client: Carlsberg
  • Year: 2003
  • Location: Sweden
  • Categories: 2D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Production

We were tasked with redesigning the bottle and packaging. But the complexities of hot filling PET bottles, and the resulting panelling issues as the pack collapses on cooling, meant that structural integrity was key to the new design. Hot filled packs are mostly engineered solutions that pay little attention to a brand’s aesthetic aspirations.

We worked tirelessly to push these constraints and deliver a pack that performs brilliantly from a technical perspective but also delivers a more powerful and athletic looking bottle that encapsulates the brand’s values.

The resulting bottle introduced waisting to make it less chunky and more grab-able, while the overinflated styling gives the pack a real feeling of a rugged on-the-go, enjoy anywhere drink.



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