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Creative Director, Shanghai

Inspirational leadership, strategic vision, cross-cultural creativity.

We're looking for a unique person to become our first creative director in China. You will be based in (or close to) Shanghai, and will take the creative lead for JDO's China-based operations. JDO has been an international agency from day one, but with increasing volumes of work in China and the USA, the time is now right for us to expand our creative reach.

This is an opportunity for you to grow and shape our JDO Shanghai studio from its inception, and actively recruit with the support of our senior leadership team. You will need to be a masterful ‘change the world’ creative, with a strategic and curious mind, commercial savvy and an ability to create best in class, award winning brands with an understanding of the nuances of eastern and western design language and culture.

You will have already worked in global agencies at a high level, and have a proven record of designing and finessing brands from the Asia Pacific region from concept to delivery. You communicate your ideas and creative work in a truly engaging way that can command a room, whatever the audience - from interns to global VPs.

As part of your leadership role, nurture will be in your nature, and you will guide designers to optimal solutions with intuitive vision, whilst helping them expand their horizons. As first CD on the ground, you will also approach the role with a collaborative, can-do attitude and lead from the front.

For a global agency, JDO is a remarkably close-knit collection of people. Despite being half a world away, you will be supported and included in our company culture. We believe in liberating potential, whether that’s a brand’s potential through design or a creative’s career in our studios.

If all this sounds like a perfect fit, and you want to creatively lead this branch of a high performing global agency on the ascent, please get in touch. We know you're out there and we'd love to hear from you.

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