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Design Director, UK

A leading role in our senior creative team, based in London or Tunbridge Wells. Working with skill, craft and agility, you'll already have solid evidence in your portfolio of the requisite skills to shine at this upper echelon.

In these turbulent times, we're looking for a design director with the vision to take brands to a new level. You can grasp the big picture, creating big ideas and pushing creative boundaries whilst swooping in on the detail with highly finessed craftsmanship. You’re an engaging, articulate presenter, never settling for second best and learning new insights and skills with each and every project experience. We’re particularly interested if you've designed for the beauty, skincare, luxury and beverage sectors. This is a fantastic opportunity to take the next step up in your career.

People talk a lot about culture these days. JDO genuinely invest a disproportionate amount of time in theirs because we believe a happy team is a more creative team. It's partly this that has helped us to weather the storm of Covid-19 so well. We’re fiercely independent, choosing to work on brands that inspire us, and offer a creative democracy to our designers, giving you the opportunity to make a lasting impact in a company on the ascent.

Interested? If so please do get in touch. This is a great opportunity to join one of our flourishing studios in Tunbridge Wells or London, and be part of JDO's continued ascent.

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