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JDO100 Challenge

JDO kickstarts a wellbeing initiative to take care of their staff whilst raising awareness for hygiene poverty

6th July 2021: Global brand design agency JDO kickstarts a wellbeing initiative to take care of their staff whilst raising awareness of hygiene poverty.

The JDO100 Challenge tasked JDO employees, as well as fellow creative agencies in the area, to run 100km in the 100 day run-up to the first easing of lockdown - 21st June 2021. As well as getting everyone out in the fresh air, and improving their health, the challenge was created to help raise awareness and funds for The Hygiene Bank; a grass roots, community initiative giving hygiene, personal care and household cleaning products to many UK families, including thousands of people who have struggled financially as a result of the pandemic.

The challenge was part of JDO's health and wellness plan to help everyone's mental and physical health after a tough year of lockdown. It also includes ongoing virtual fitness classes such as morning pilates, lunchtime yoga and evening bootcamp for the entire agency to take part in, whether in Tunbridge Wells, London, Shanghai or New York! 

And in the spirit of building connections, culture and community, JDO invited local comms agency Southpaw to join forces too for the 100km in 100 days Challenge, to raise donations for The Hygiene Bank and fuel competitive spirit! 

Over the 100 day period, JDO and their fellow creative agency raised £360 for The Hygiene Bank and travelled over 3115km - that's the equivalent of Tunbridge wells to Boston, USA!

Winners of the JDO100 challenge include:

Ryan Worcester, Designer at JDO, running 100km in under 10 days, and completing a marathon distance (42km) in the first weekend alone!  

Naomi Saxon, People & Culture Manager at Southpaw who ran nearly 5 times the required distance ending on 459.4km. 

And finally, Pete Droy, Head of Client Services at JDO, bringing a smile to our faces with the unique titles of his Strava runs, and his route map artistry! 

"Maintaining agency culture and wellbeing when we're all working remotely is tricky unless you get inventive," said Fiona Florence, Group Managing Director at JDO. "We started the health and wellness Zoom programme to maintain relationships beyond project work in a positive, healthy way. And if we can kick some local agency ass whilst we're at it, plus raise some funds for a worthwhile cause, then everyone benefits. This has been a really fun challenge! There will be more!"

Flo would like to point out that Naomi from Southpaw did in fact kick everyone's ass. 

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