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JDO balances science with beauty for new premium skincare brand, MELÉ

Creating packaging for MELÉ, a new premium skincare brand specifically designed for and with people with melanin-rich skin. The science-led, purpose-driven brand has launched exclusively in Target this September. 

We were tasked to develop a creative packaging solution that balanced scientific precision and organic beauty in a way that was empathetic as well as sophisticated. The design also needed to be as inclusive as possible, highlighting the brand’s efficacy in addressing the unique needs of people with varying shades of melanin-rich skin.

“For too long, the full diversity of skin colour has been overlooked in the category, offering solutions that did not support the biological difference of peoples varying melanin levels in their skin,” comments Ellie Hansen, VP New York at JDO. “This is still new ground and it was essential that MELÉ’s packaging stood out with confidence and pride while also delivering on efficacy, premiumness and sophistication.

One part science, one part beauty

A deep red hue was chosen for the main pack colour with gold foil and gloss varnishes elevating the brand into a premium space. A distinct graphic was created by enlarging the logo’s typography while pops of vibrant colour add a modern touch. MELÉ’s logo appears in a white panel – a simple, yet effective way to communicate the brand’s unique offering.

“The design reflects the confident purpose of one of Unilever’s first forays into the melanin-rich skincare market,” comments Ben Oates, Creative Director and Founder at JDO. “Striking the perfect balance between style and rigour – feeling sassy and cool whilst honouring the effort and science behind the formulations. A design that bravely breaks the usual rules to land the brand squarely at the forefront of skin science.” 

We celebrate diversity at Unilever, practising inclusivity in all that we do and providing our customers with products that address their unique needs with understanding and empathy. This is why MELÉ was created. Giving melanated skin the attention it deserves with a brand that empowers people of colour to love the skin they’re in. JDO's packaging solution is absolutely exquisite and effectively supports MELÉ’s mission to end colourblind skincare.
Madison Li, Global Brand Manager at Unilever US

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