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JDO creates identity for new skincare brand, Skinsei

Skinsei, a new personalised skincare subscription service from Unilever, has recently launched in the US with a vibrant brand identity created by JDO. A game-changer in the category as well as in the brand creation process, Skinsei is poised to revolutionise skincare with a holistic, diagnostic-driven approach to skin health that is accessible to all.

Skinsei takes into account the many factors that affect the health and vitality of a person’s skin. In assessing each user‘s skin, lifestyle and environment, Skinsei is able to select a skincare regimen that matches the exact skin needs and preferences of each individual for real, long term results.

Developed in a highly collaborative, accelerated process by a team of brand, product and innovation experts, Skinsei went from workshop concepts to beta launch in one year. We played an integral role in this process, leading the design and providing on-the-spot responses to consumer feedback.

As Skinsei’s visual brand guardians, we created the brand world, defining the look and feel of the brand throughout key stages of the consumer journey – from logo, packaging, the visualisation of the holistic diagnostic to the unpacking experience of the direct-to-consumer box. We were also tasked with the development of a customisable brand magazine and guidelines.

The new identity features a vivid kaleidoscope of colours that reflects the Skinsei diagnostic matrix. The bright spectrum is inspired by Skinsei’s microbiome-friendly formulations, with the vibrancy communicating the positive benefits of a balanced microbiome for healthy skin. The wordmark is silver and sleek with an aesthetic that conveys the new brand’s commitment to innovation in both emerging skin science and advanced technology. 

To create belief in Skinsei’s groundbreaking proposition and innovative products, we needed to break the rules. From a vigorous process that disrupted conventional brand creation protocols to rethinking design principles for a digital-first experience, we worked hand-in-hand with the visionary team at Unilever to create a beauty wellness brand that is fit for the future.
Ben Oates, Founder and Creative Director, JDO

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