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Client Services Director

What is my mantra?

Plan well, listen better.

I love travelling; meeting inspiring people, experiencing unique cultures and stepping outside of my comfort zone, and if there’s one piece of valuable advice I was given before jetting off it was to plan well, but listen better.

While it didn’t make too much sense at the time, I quickly came to appreciate this little gem of knowledge as I muddled my way through the madness of South East Asia and settled into life out of a backpack.

Planning was essential to make sure I got the most out of every journey, every destination and every penny. But what made the trip even more exciting, more spontaneous and more rewarding was listening.

Like the time I listened to a Swedish backpacker in Laos who told me the best way to reach Thailand from Luang Prabang was via boat and not plane. Yes, it did mean a sweaty 2 days spent on a rickety long-boat powered by a car engine which chugged us very slowly up the Mekong against some pretty fierce rapids but what an experience! And all because I listened.

Funnily enough, this is something I love bringing to my work. Planning, being methodical and practical when it comes to design and creativity, but listening to the people, the brands and the environment around you when it comes to delivering something truly inspirational.

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