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Business Director US


I was born in Thailand - my father was half Greek, half Danish and my mother English. And there started my love of culture, travel and diversity. Growing up in Bangkok in the 70's was absolutely amazing. There came the time my sister asked for a pet pony: "Yes of course darling". Boom. Victory arrives at the Bangkok Polo Club.  "Ellie, what pet would you like?" " A monkey." "Ummm... NO." And that was my first taste of pitching an out of the box concept!

I’ve lived and worked in three countries and travelled to over 20, scuba-dived with sharks in the Maldives, climbed the Himalayas, had the privilege of having tea with the Sri Lankan Prime Minister Premadasa– my dad was bringing him shoes from the King of Tonga (don’t ask!).

Spent most of my educational life in lovely England where I completed a Degree in Graphic Design and whilst I was pretty good I didn’t think I was going to be an ‘award winning, change the world – designer’, but I knew the power of design and wanted to be a part of it so went on to complete a Masters in Design and Business, getting my first job at Visa International. 

Along the way I also founded and managed my own design agency ‘ishimodo’ and wrote a Young Adult Fiction book (still to be published) called ‘Mind Games’.

Today I invest my creative soul in Branding - working with those ‘award winning, change the world designers’ - helping to bring about strategic creative solutions for amazing clients from Wagamama, Foster’s Group and Diageo to Mondelez and more. 



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