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Production Planning Manager

When I’m not obsessing over packaging, I love to travel...

I'm one of the latest additions to the growing JDO team, and it's been immediately apparent to me how passionate everyone is about what they do. Coming from a client servicing background within the packaging industry, I am a real people person who enjoys building relationships and watching a concept become a reality on shelf and in the home. I am one of those people who spends ages in the shops looking at the products and admiring the effort put into it - borderline geeky but immensely proud.

When I'm not obsessing over packaging, I love to travel. Whether it be hiking through a jungle forest in central Thailand to wandering the narrow streets of the old town in Prague, I couldn't be happier. I love exploring new cultures, meeting and swapping stories with people from all walks of life and more importantly creating new memories. This passion has earned me the nickname 'Judith' a.k.a Judith Chalmers - the 90's TV presenter from Wish You Were Here! Some say six trips a year is excessive, it's certainly become a hobby!

I am now lucky enough to have both passions utilising my time, keeping a good feng shui of work and home life balance.

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