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Junior Image & Motion Visualiser

I moonlight as an automotive photographer, I love cooking outdoors and I have more coffee table books than I could ever read in my lifetime.

I initially found my way into the design industry through photography - creating editorials and posters based on images I had captured and the stories they came with. I can find almost anything to be an interesting subject, be it products, people or a freshly restored Porsche 911.

Making the change to digital image creation happened with the spare time I found in lockdown, enjoying the freedom it offered; no more searching for perfect light - I could just create it. 

I always aspire to create dynamic compositions in my work, using geometric and graphic layouts or playing with lighting and harsh shadows always feel the most successful to me. If I had to pick 3 things that make me tick; fresh-out-the-box sneaks, the smell of old engines and hazy sunlight.




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