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Production Director

What makes me tick?

"A mild leaning towards OCD is my best asset…at work anyway"

I do truly enjoy the whole process of design, of creating a piece of art which operates as a commercial selling product. It was something I aspired to be from a young age. With my crayons and scrap paper, I would colour in pictures constantly, little did I know then about Pantones and Foils libraries, separations and printing technologies.

I love the thought of creating a design or a piece of typography which people could admire or even feel they needed. Unfortunately for me, the reality of this sort of creativity creates its own challenges. Where the ability to produce the work is there (to some degree), the fact that there are no guidelines to what is perfect means that the job is subjective.

The Design industry was something I wanted to be a part of, but I'm the kind of person who needs rules. Where there is no rulebook to creating art, no right or wrong, in artwork there is. Execution of a design intent, using the correct specifications, from digital creation to print production can elevate. It gives it a life and I gain a huge amount of satisfaction when this is done well.

Working on some of the world’s biggest brands, on a global basis, with language adaptations, different printers and a multitude of technologies, ticks my boxes. I work with some hugely talented creative people at JDO who push to execute their design vision as far as it can go. It’s my job to translate, to craft and redraw, to polish and refine and then work with a team of professionals to produce the solution.

There are rules, a small degree of right and wrong and with that there is comfort. A well constructed digital file, a beautifully printed piece of design, which looks great on shelf and is successful for the client, really makes me happy…Fortunately for me, it it takes all sorts to make the world go round in the right direction!

Anyone fancy a PP?
James Davies, Production Director, JDO

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