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Client Business Director

What gets me up in the morning? Curiosity.

I love learning ‘stuff’, how things work and especially learning about other people. I love hearing what people think, love being surprised by what they do, how we can all be so different. That’s one of the reasons I studied Art History, the stories about what other clever creative people have made and thought in the past. I’m never happier than listening to stories and being educated, personal stories - brand stories - it’s no wonder I landed in Brand Design and Client Service.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some wonderful story telling brands through the years from Vodafone to John West, The Famous Grouse and even some very serious stories from StepChange, Linklaters and Credit Suisse.

My love of the written and spoken word has also inspired me to study other cultures, like so many others at JDO - I’m a traveller. I’ve been many things along my journey and gathered many more stories, studied yoga with a Swami in India, been a gardener in a biodynamic winery in Sonoma, I aspire to a life full of rich, layered experience and that transfers into the Brands I enjoy helping create.

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