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Design Manager

Along for the Ride

I like all things creative, so the design process often feels like something not too work-like and a bit more fun-like. The best bits come from stretching constraints just a little bit more than anyone's done before, giving us space to design something genuinely original that works in the real world.

I came to JDO from a background of industrial and automotive design, so managed to bring some appreciation of 3D processes and manufacturing with me to the world of packaging and branding. My days at JDO started as a 3D designer, and I've also done a bit of project management on the way to being involved with all things 3D, which I like. Having been here on and off since the beginning, it's been inspiring to witness the magical journey from two men in a box room to the thriving international agency that exists today.

Outside of work I must confess to having a slight fascination with all things bicycle, ranging from a good triathlon to a bit of hard core bike touring, as well as the inevitable building and dismantling (although not necessarily in that order). If you've never built a bicycle wheel I can recommend it as excellent therapy.

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