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Founder & Creative Director

I've had more concussions than I can remember...

I'm a designer because of who I am and not the other way around. Design is a vocation, possibly even an affliction. It's weaved into one's being and we're not the easiest people to live with. I love so many things, but nothing I love is perfect (except for my kids). Everything could be better and design should strive to get us closer to perfection. Some might call that being half empty, I like to think it's being half full.

I've had the pleasure of working with many of the world's greatest brands, from BMW to Dove and I'd like to thank every one of them for structuring my thoughts and giving me purpose. I couldn't design in a vacuum without an end. Brands and their characters provide the goal posts. If there were no real constraints, there'd be no real challenge.

I have to get my hands dirty on a daily basis and hopefully I lead by example. I only want to work with people who feel the same way and share the 24/7 passion for what we do. It's probably why I pursue other activities - to stop the voices! Activities that require so much focus that there's little room for other thoughts. The lights are always on and on the brief unless I'm sizeably distracted. I'm also innately competitive. Competition that can exist in an empty room and I'm my own worst rival. Hence the countless concussions.

But don't worry, I still know where I live!


At JDO we consider the brand as a whole, rather than separate entities such as 2D and 3D; it's not Identity, Graphics, Structure, Environment and Communication in all their various silos. That's just not how we see things.
Paul Drake, Founder & Creative Director, JDO

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