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3D & Technical Director

What gives me a buzz?

I still hold true to the childhood ideal that everything is possible.  I get a real buzz from finding solutions others felt weren’t there.

I’m lucky to have always worked alongside some of the finest talent in the design industry. This has led to some amazing designs and solutions that were an honour to be part of.

Give me a challenge, whether it’s creating the most beautiful lines on a pack, a convergence of technologies to make our lives easier or to run the furthest, longest or fastest. Some people know me as ‘Monkey’, something to do with being successful in a standing jump onto a 4 drawer filing cabinet!

I live to do things at the limit of what’s possible. It is at this point we truly find out where, and if, that line even existed. Put me on skis, under a paraglider or in a pair of running shoes and say ‘go!’… then I’m off!

As a 1970’s TV show said…

”The nature of Monkey was irrepressible”

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