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Middleweight Designer

How would I describe myself?

Black studded boots but with girly pink accents. I’m small in stature but I like to think big! I like to push people’s perceptions and that's why I work at JDO, where we’re not afraid to do that. I’ve worked on some incredibly big brands like Dove and Super Bock and some amazing smaller brands too, but no matter what the job, I always look to find the unique angle, the one that will make a brand stand out from the crowd.

From the street art hanging on my living room wall, to the books of illustrations on my shelves, I like to look for the unexpected. Design that expands the boundaries of acceptability and broadens the creative mind in order to accept new things and set new trends. A desire to lead the way and not to follow. A desire that traverses my career, from pushing my own work through to nurturing the creativity of new designers.

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