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Keep on moving

Keep on moving

Sensual design is poetry in motion

Since 1993, the Unilever-owned Motions haircare brand has been synonymous with innovative, salon-quality products for the modern black woman, but the brand needed an update to match its fierce and fashion forward audience. 


  • Client: Unilever
  • Year:
  • Location: Global
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

The well-known yellow and purple colours were strong brand equities that we didn’t want to lose. But we knew we had to reinvigorate the yellow with a sense of richness, and the purple had to stand for fashion and seduction if we wanted to take this brand to a new exciting space.

We also knew that the brandmark needed to become a dynamic shorthand that resonated with the target audience. With this in mind, we introduced a logo that combined a sans-serif font to represent performance, reliability and trustworthiness, whilst an intertwined handwritten font portrays emotion and sensuality. The play between the soft flowing forms and the hard edged type embraces the two target audiences: those who opt for a natural style and those who wear their hair straight.

Working with our packaging designer and suppliers, we were able to produce a number of yellows for the full range of products, from beautiful rich bronzes to pearly vibrant yellows.

The new packaging has introduced sound credentials back into the brand and now complements the high performance products.


Although the Motions brand has been restyled, we’ve kept a link with previous brand equities and injected cutting-edge aesthetics to represent the Motions woman who changes her hairstyle often. We’ve now driven the brand into a more alluring premium space.
Ben Oates, Principal Creative Director, JDO

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