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Refreshing America’s value brand with a new look

Value doesn't look cheap

Sophisticated imagery awakens the senses

Step into any family bathroom in the US and you’re likely to find a Suave hair or body product. It’s a trusted heritage brand with a wide user demographic that’s expanded its offering in recent years with the introduction of the premium Suave Professionals range.

The good news is that the brand’s value customers have been successfully trading up. The bad news? Sales in its low-cost Naturals range have been coming down.

  • Client: Unilever US
  • Year: 2010
  • Location: USA
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

Unilever understood the need for the Suave Naturals range to up its game, differentiate itself from its competitors, and give its audience a reason to buy again. (And pay a little bit more.)

We were briefed to develop distinctive pack designs and to bring Suave Naturals new proposition to life: ‘Great fragrances and affordable formulas for the whole family’.

Our challenge was to deliver a design that grabbed the consumer’s attention at shelf level without being too flashy. The new design also needed to work across all hair, skin and deodorant products.




The resulting packs present vibrant scenes that not only evoke a sense of the rich fragrances in a beautiful way, but also elevate the Suave brand to a more contemporary position.

The designs are grounded in elements of wellbeing while introducing visual cues that help draw attention to the ingredient story. Enjoyment elements have also been brought in to convey the radiance concept and the imagery on the packs now feels less passive and much more exciting.

“The trick was balancing illustrative abstract design with recognisable brand equities, with some packs having to appeal to men as well as women.” Ben Oates, Executive Creative Director, JDO.

"We created a master brand identity and lockup that had the flexibility to straddle the core, premium, naturals, men's and kids ranges. Our identity work created a framework system that drove differentiation, but with consistency and the instant recognition and reassurance that was key to the brand's success." Paul Drake, Founder and Creative Director, JDO 

Packaging is the primary point of communication for the brand so pack executions are vital in bringing new propositions to life. JDO’s new designs clearly differentiate the Suave Naturals brand in the value segment and have given consumers a reason to buy again.
Jeanne Maurrasse, associate brand manager, Unilever USA

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