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The Chapel

Inspirational identity for luxury hair salon



With their flagship salon based in an old Rehoboth Baptist chapel in the middle of Tunbridge Wells, The Chapel is not your average hairdresser. And hallelujah to that.

  • Client: The Chapel
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: UK
  • Categories:

Founders Toby and Amanda are on a mission to do things differently. It's not just about how your hair looks; it's how you feel that counts. And when you leave The Chapel they want you to feel revived, uplifted and positive. More of a sanctuary than a salon.

Doing things differently is something the team at JDO is known for too. So when we approached The Chapel about helping them create a bespoke line of Chapel-branded luxury spa products, The Chapel chaps were very much open to our ideas.

We started by helping the company define their brand and articulate their position in the market. Then we established a solid creative strategy, including an evaluation and evolution of their current assets and brand identity.  

The JDO team created a shorthand identity for the brand in the form of an iconic monogram that’s quasi religious and instantly recognisable, and we used a unique and contemporary texture inspired by stained glass windows. To push the brand into a more high-end fashion space, we introduced a predominately black and gold colourway, which was used to great effect across interiors, signage, brochures, packaging and the website. They now have a truly flexible identity that can travel comfortably in any environment or media.


Since rolling out their new brand identity, The Chapel has gone from strength to strength with plans to open more salons across the country. In addition, they’ve signed a deal with the world-famous W Hotel Group to include an inaugural pop up salon in the super-luxury W Hotel Verbier.

The luxury range of products include bath oils, candles, body lotions and diffusers and will be launched in 2015 and sold in The Chapel salons throughout the country, as well and to high end retail stores worldwide.

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