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Refreshing drink product for established brand


If it tastes good it doesn't have to be bad

Loved by Norwegians since 1915, the Farris water brand is considered a national treasure and is synonymous with health and wellbeing. So how could we leverage brand trust, taste, popularity and recognition for new products, without muddying the waters?

At JDO, we felt the there was an opportunity to deliver a carbonated drink that was genuinely different: not overly sweet or strongly flavoured, which would attract a new target audience and create new usage occasions. The result? Farris & Juice, a refreshing delicious drink without the nasties.


  • Client: Ringnes
  • Year: 2014
  • Location: Norway
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

We used the parent brand’s values and visual assets that we had already defined during the masterbrand redesign. By abstracting the brand’s incredibly strong diamond label shape, we delivered the recognition of Farris in one fell swoop.We then set about adding the enjoyment and taste cues we knew the category demanded and our young and on-the-go consumer would look out for.

In the notoriously challenging and technically constrained world of lightweight PET combined with highly pressurised carbonated drinks, we were able to define an on-the-go semiotic that built on the great work we had previously created for the Farris parent brand - but this time bringing more taste cues and fun to the party.



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