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Contemporary packaging repositions brand


Refreshing Sweden's most loved water brand

Despite being the oldest bottled water brand in Sweden and with a unique spa heritage, Ramlosa was beginning to stagnate and lose out to rival brands.

We were tasked with redefining the brand portfolio across a number of new platforms, from sports to table water, while ensuring the brand appealed to cool urbanites with busy and active lifestyles.

  • Client: Carlsberg
  • Year: 2009
  • Location: Sweden
  • Categories: 2D, 3D, Brand Identity, Innovation, Animation, Production, Design for Manufacture

The existing design was a blank canvas with very little personality, although it had plenty of tradition and substance we could build on.

We drove the brand equities hard to deliver a more contemporary look and feel, and every element was reworked to increase the brand’s relevance. The greatest difference was in the ‘smile’. The fluid pattern of fine lines running behind the identity bursts with vitality and pride. The smile created such a powerful branding device it increased standout, recognition and divided the pack beautifully when it came to adding flavour variants.

The end result maintains Ramlosa’s premium quality whilst injecting vitality to reflect the youth and energy of the target consumers.



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