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A serene sanctuary for Lumene retail

JDO recently completed the eminently successful redesign of the Lumene brand; from core identity, to the detail of hundreds of products across skincare and make-up categories. Following this immersion in the architecture and DNA of Lumene, we were perfectly placed to continue the journey and design the new face of the brand's global retail environment. 

  • Client: Lumene
  • Year: 2016
  • Location: Finland, USA, Sweden, Russia
  • Categories: Retail, POS, Interiors, Brand Identity, 3D, 2D.

Lumene is sold through multiple tiers of retail outlet worldwide, from standalone gondolas in drug stores to boutique flagship stores in the most premium outlets in Helsinki. Our approach to this huge task had to deliver a premium brand presentation, scalable and adaptable in size and cost, whilst weaving a unified and recognisable thread that seamlessly tied all levels of the retail experience together. 

The brand's story of harvesting potent ingredients from the Nordic environment centres around the unique qualities of Arctic light, and the properties it instills in the plants that grow there. This was at the core of the rebrand, and fed our inspiration when designing the new retail spaces. Often located in crowded and visually noisy environments, we wanted Lumene areas to feel genuinely different, with bright but subtle illumination and an uncluttered warmth and simplicity creating a Nordic sanctuary appropriate to the brand and its Finnish provenance.  




This ethos of creating a Nordic sanctuary informed every part of the final design. At the centre of the flagship store is the wheel of light; the iconic Lumene equity which brings the new Lumene logo to life in three dimensions, with a layered structure and subtle animated lighting creating depth and intrigue. The surrounding gondolas are inspired by Scandinavia, from turned birch legs and softly undulating plywood drawers, to the illumination which draws its hues from the northern lights.

A simple materials palette and a minimal approach to structure led us to a range of designs and in-store executions that quietly affirm Lumene’s credentials as a premium beauty brand. Film pillars cascade footage of Scandinavian landscapes with Nordic nature’s soundtrack, for a fully immersive experience. Our design intent also encompassed some beautiful finer details such as gold laser-cut butterflies which populate the Flagship store, and frosted translucent displays which bathe the products with light.

The spaces are as invitation for customers to explore, breathe and discover. Clutter is purposefully minimised to create an intuitive shopping journey, heightening the experience to view, try and buy, and ultimately enhancing shopper decision making through design. 


The future for brands lies in creating emotive and immersive experiences at every touchpoint. Our flagship design for Lumene has brought to life a rich and unique brand narrative that will convey to consumers the extraordinary provenance of its beautiful products, and create a Nordic sanctuary that is sought after in store.
Ben Oates, Executive Creative Director at JDO.

Following the successful launch of the flagship and department stores, JDO was further briefed to tackle a variety of 'special case’ retail locations, ranging from a bespoke mini store in Helsinki airport, to a huge (140 square metre) outlet store in Finland's largest shopping village. These one-off stores share the core identity of the other retail spaces, but showcase the design’s ability to flex and adapt to the unique conditions of unusual individual locations.



JDO designed the new stores to reflect the unique charm and exquisite, honest story behind our brand. Inspired by natural beauty, created with pure ingredients, and born of powerful Arctic light; the aim was to create an engaging space for all to experience Lumene.
Cecile Shrimpton, CMO for Lumene Skincare


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