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Reimagining social distancing

At JDO, we believe in the power of design to change the way people think, feel and live. So in these uncertain and challenging times, our team was eager to put their talent, skills and passion into action and do their part in keeping our communities healthy, happy and safe.


The result is Normville – a place where social distancing is not only normal, but a lot of fun. From ‘extend-the-trend’ fashion to stretched-out scooters, the Norms get creative with the way they respect each other’s personal space, because they understand that, “It’s not a metre of thin air, it’s a meter of love and care.”


Normville puts a positive and playful spin on the message of social distancing, reinforcing its importance in a refreshing way that will, hopefully, resonate with a society suffering from a bit of lockdown fever. Beyond a digital campaign, it’s a movement that aims to inspire and motivate people to get creative with how they #respectthedistance in the new norm.



Visit Normville here

Connect with the rest of the Normville community here. 

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